Breastmilk Jewellery, Now EVERYONE can do it!

Hello world!

One happy customer’s beautifully preserved Breastmilk ring made to last

Wow!, such a HUGE movement has hit the internet this past week and EVERYONE is going CRAZY for it!!

So what has happened in the past week that has everyone dancing on roof tops, from Mumma’s working from home to Doulas and resin artists wanting to add to their Business?, well, I am sure you have already heard and maybe you are one of the ones dancing along with the rest of them ?, or maybe you just have NO clue what the hell I am talking about and came to see what all of the gossip is about?.

Either way, lets get started.

So this week another Australian DNA Keepsake business has launched her ” Acadamey ” (yes that is how they have chosen to spell Academy ), So what is this Academy?, well, as some of you may know know BabyBee Humming Birds is famous for their DIY kits, this is a kit that you can buy that has some kind of “Milky Mumma Magic” preservation powder, a few molds or settings, some stir sticks and some resin and TADAAAAA!, you can craft your own keepsake at home on your own.

Now, some of you know my thought of DIY keepsake kits, there is a reason why I am not a fan of them and do not offer them (not in the traditional sense anyway).

DIY kits are NOT the way us professionals preserve your milk for a life time of memories in our studio’s, in our studio’s we handle heavy solvents, and have industrial equipment to make sure that your milk is preserved for the long haul, we don’t stand in our kitchen over a double boiler and stir in Milky Mumma Magic Powder and get a tangible keepsake thats for sure!

It is a art that has taken us certified keepsake artists years to master and perfect!

On Wednesday BabyBee Humming Birds will officially launch as a Academy, this is a teaching tool where YOU can craft your own keepsake and build a business upon it, you can now offer the service of preserving a Mother’s precious milk and sell it to her as a “tangible” keepsake for her to love and cherish forever.


Oh!, you were thinking that you could just sign up and join the Academy, learn the secret method and start your business next week as a professional DNA Artist?, oh no!, no no no no nooooo….sorry to burst your bubble ladies (and men, don’t want to exclude and gender here) I am sorry but you are being led in the wrong direction of thought and that isn’t how it is going to work at all!

BabyBee Humming Birds will not be giving away any professional method, what she will be doing is offering you a Franchise type agreement where you purchase her DIY formula for preserving milk and THAT is what you use to “professionally” preserve a Mumma’s precious milk, yes, you will have to purchase this powder as your preservation method for the milk so you can craft for your clients, you will on the other hand get training from them to be able to use the powder properly and I am sure that support like suppliers for settings ect would be supplied to you also ?, OR, maybe you will have to purchase the settings and equipment from her also?, that I am not sure about.

So WHY is it making us professional DNA Artists nervous?

This is why.

It is obviously not the same preservation method that we as professionals use, it is a DIY kit method that is designed for home craft projects, it also comes with the risk of failure and also some not so very professionally crafted keepsakes hitting the market. which, ultimately ends in us, the professionals, fixing the pice for the mother as they often use the last of their milk for the keepsake.

Now I am not saying that this Academy isn’t worth doing if that is what you want to do, but, I do want to bring to your attention what is actually is and will be, it is no comparison for a professionally run DNA artist business, and it will lack certain things, like, a questionable preservation method, the experience of a professional DNA artist, the ability to BE your own independent artist as you will have to continually be tied to this business for the purchase of the “Milky Mumma Magic Powder”, so there are a lot of things to consider here, as a person, you, wanting to get into a professional field and building a unique business with pounding of their own drum.


I would like to think that this would be obvious, but I feel the need to give you some reasons anyway.

. The preservation method is the SOUL of the keepsake, it is what makes your jewellery a good or a bad experience, everyones milk is different and not all milk preserves and behaves the same way to others, we are all unique and so is our milk, professionals have techniques in place to cover the differences in preservation of one milk to another and we are proud to say that with years, yes years, of experience we have this down pat!

. Not everyone is crafty or artistic, we as professionals have been in this game for many years and have perfected our art, although there is always room for improvement we take the extra steps to make sure that your jewellery is professionally made and made to LAST.


. We have connections.

Here at Breastmilk Jewellery we have a team, we have hired a professional Jewellery to work with us to be able to give you the very best of settings, something that you can hand down to your children, we can source things that some others can not and we do this deliberately to set us apart.

Jenny or professional Jeweller


. We are independently owned and are not under any banner, we are work from home Mothers that have committed our heart and soul into our industry and often at the sacrifice of our own family time.

We work tirelessy to make sure that your pie of unique keepsake is professionally preserved with the very best of preservati

on ONLY available to professionals.

. We have been around a long time!, we were one of the first DNA Keepsakes Businesses to launch in Australia and we take pride in everything that we do, we not only have the skills but also the reputation to back us all the way.

Hand crafted ring from scratch, lovingly created by Jenny

What ever your Business journey, we wish you the best, we also wish you success, it is why we felt compelled to write this blog.

We will shortly be listing some Certified keepsake artists links here for you to visit so you can make a informed decision in choosing a Professional artist