Custom Solid Gold Pear Halo Ring
Custom Solid Gold Pear Halo Ring

Custom Solid Gold Pear Halo Ring

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Our solid gold pear halo rings are individually handcrafted on an order to order basis by our qualified jeweller Jenny.

If you are after an investment piece then this is the ring for you!.

All Gold and Diamond rings come with a free 3D virtual image of the ring before it is crafted so you can approve the design, you can make changes for free to this ring up to three times, any changes to the ring after this may incur an extra cost to both the setting and extra 3D imaging.

You have a choice from Rose, Yellow and White Gold, and 9k, 14k and 18k gold.

You also have a choice of lab diamonds (these are man-made diamonds but diamonds all the same ) or natural diamonds which are sourced from the earth.

If you require a market value certificate from a third party for insurance reasons then please contact us, this will come as an extra charge.

We recommend heading to your local jewellery to be sized up for this ring, a sizing at a jeweller is free.

Please note that sizes in a 10USA ( T 1/2 AU ) may incur an extra charge for the gold

Our Jeweller offers a warranty of 3 months on her settings, if a diamond is lost in this time it will be replaced for free.

The snapping of a prong is not covered in your warranty as this is always due to a snagging of the ring and is not considered to be a manufactory fault, it can, however, be fixed for a low fee on a case by case basis in which the jeweller will invoice you direct

This ring can hold the following inclusions 

. Breast milk

. Placenta

. Umbilical cord

. Cremation Ashes 

. Wedding or funeral flowers

. Moon Cycle

. Embryo Ash

 If you require a different size to what is listed in the listing, you may order a resizing simply by adding it to your cart

DON'T FORGET YOUR FLECKS AND SHIMMERS - simply make a comment in the check out of the order for your flecks and shimmers 


DISCLOSURE - IF YOU CAN NOT REPLACE IT, DO NOT SEND IT, we will not be held responsible for the loss of inclusions in the post, we do our best to protect you with our intention import licence which guarantees delivery through customs, but we can not control mishaps with the postage services