Terms & Conditions

Cindy takes great pride and care in her work, every piece is a extension of herself and every order is hand made with a great deal of admiration for the Journey that the piece will represent to the owner.
The professional preservation method of Breastmilk is a trade skill that Cindy has worked very hard at perfecting, every DNA artist has their own method, these methods consists of a “dry”or a “wet”method, Cindy has perfected both a dry and a wet method.
Not all breastmilk is the same color, some has a blue tinge, some is creamy and others is a little on the very light orange side, it really does depend on the length of time that the mother has been feeding and also their diet.
As you can understand this color variation can reflect in the individual items crafted, especially when a “dry”method is used, so, having said that, if your piece is not pure white, then that is because your milk is not pure white.

We do not offer refunds as materials and time go into each item we produce.
If your milk gets lost in the post there is nothing we can do. Please send it again.
If you are sending ashes in the post we recommend you pay for a tracking number so you know where the parcel is at all times.
Once you have ordered it is your responsibility to send the milk, placenta, etc. If you haven’t sent it within 6 months, your order status will be changed to Expired. Please contact via email if you wish to change your order, store credit may be issued on a case by case basis but refunds are not possible as materials are purchased to complete orders as they come through.